Q&A: What are the disease of the liver?

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Question by owolabi: What are the disease of the liver?

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Answer by abijann
There are many things that cause liver cell damage that lead to
liver disease.

Therefore, depending on the cause, it may be stated like this:
1>Alcoholic liver disease,
2>Liver disease because of the Hepatitis C virus, etc.
[Please note: Hepatitis A,B,C,etc. is a virus that has entered
the body and gone to the liver cells to use the cell to
replicate itself. This is quite different from the word:
Hepatitis (as you can see below].
3>NASH which stands for Non alcoholic reasons for Steatohepatitis or
Non alcoholic reasons for fat build up inside the liver leading to
inflammation of the liver
And there are many other causes.

When inflammation develops inside the liver because of
liver cell damage…this is known as “Hepatitis”
When the liver cell die off and starts to form scar tissue inside
the liver…this is known as “Fibrosis”.
When the scar tissue continues inside the liver and starts
to connect together as more liver cells die off…
this is known as “Bridging Fibrosis”
When the liver cells die off and scar tissue forms inside
the liver, it reconstructs the liver on the inside and
blood has difficulty flowing to the liver cells and, also, back
to the heart…this is known as “Cirrhosis” of the liver

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