Q&A: Just found out BF most likely has Hepatitis C….HELP?

Question by Mia CS: Just found out BF most likely has Hepatitis C….HELP?
Hes getting tested today…His Ex gf said she has it (from Shooting up)… I was making out with him BUT never actually had any intercourse YET!….. My brother was telling me that if you have a open sore on you (I have a pimple right above my lip) …. then you could contract it through his Saliva… is this true!??….

Im so scared…

Please anyother advice/ info about Hepititis is welcomed!… THNKS!

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Answer by mariebear
You need to go to a website with info on transmission of this disease. I think it is through needles (drug use or tattoos) but I am sure if you can pass it that way, it could also be transmitted with passing of bodily fluids. I know though with HIV, it would take something like 25 gallons of spit to transmit, it is in such a minute amount in saliva. Do some research, get his results, then see a doc yourself. Web MD is a good site or just google it.

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  1. rare but possible if there was blood to blood contact for hepatitis c
    if there is hepatitis b infection too in bf,then very possible u may have got hep b

    hepatitis C virus is usually detectable in the blood within one to three weeks after infection, and antibodies to the virus are generally detectable within 3 to 12 weeks
    Symptoms of acute hepatitis C infection include decreased appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice, itching, and flu-like symptoms.
    treatment during the acute phase of genotype 1 infections has a greater than 90% success rate with half the treatment time required for chronic infections,
    The virus may be sexually transmitted, although this is rare, and usually only occurs when an STD (like HIV) is also present and makes blood contact more likely.
    Current treatment is a combination of pegylated interferon alpha (brand names Pegasys and PEG-Intron) and the antiviral drug ribavirin for a period of 24 or 48 weeks, depending on genotype.

  2. Hepatitis C is very difficult to get. If he wasn’t shooting up with her, then he probably doesn’t have it.

    The CDC doesn’t even suggest testing for people having sex when one of them has Hep C. Take a look at cdc.org (I think that’s it), if you don’t believe it. It takes sharing a needle, blood transfusion, organ transplant, etc. It is HARD to get.

    I know 3 people whose spouses have Hep C – Not one of them has gotten it.

    Talk to a dr and stop freaking out.

  3. It is possible but rare. Just wait to see after the testing if he is + or not, and if not then THANK GOD! But if so there are so many different ways to treat this but not cure of course. He will get through it. good luck

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