Q&A: Is Hepatitas C sexually transmittable?

Question by Curious: Is Hepatitas C sexually transmittable?
I am a man considering sexual interaction with a female who has Hepatitas C. She is a former drug user who has been clean & sober for 8 years. Intercourse & oral sex would be involved. This is a sincere inquiry!

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Answer by christina_brown_catie
i believe that it is but it is not as easily sexually transmitted as hep b. however her body may have fought off the hep c infection and she may not be contagious. i would check w/ a doctor just to be 100% sure b/c that’s a serious disease.

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  1. Hepatitis C is not sexually transmittable. It can only be passed through direct blood contact. It is better to be safe than sorry, however, when having sex with someone with HepC because there is always a risk of blood exchange, so practicing safe sex is not a bad strategy. It should also be mentioned that it is a lot less likely for a man to contract HepC from a female during intercourse than it is for a female to get it from a male.

  2. Sure there is a risk .. mainly HCV is transmitted by blood .. but any sexual activity-specially unsafe-can transmit Such diseases .. e.g. HCV,HBV,HIV and even more i’ll quote the next paragraph from a scientific article in journal of viral hepatitis ..

    “Unconventional ways of transmission such as infection by tattooing, piercing or nosocomial infection have been discussed to play a role in the transmission of community-acquired forms of hepatitis C”

    “patients with hepatitis C are generally advised to take care not to share items such as razors, nail-scissors or toothbrushes with their family and household members.[1] So far, these recommendations have been based more or less on common sense”

  3. I also have hep c there’s a 2% chance of it spreading throw sex but still your best to use protection. And oral sex im sure it cant be spread unless there is any sores on your gf or yourself.

  4. there is a very small percentage of a chance,espically if she still has a monthly minstruel,or if you eritate any areas will having sex ,you can have normal sex but use protection,there are some really good web sites you should look into before making a dision and talk to your doctor hep c is more common than you think..and alot of people that have it never used drugs,or had unprotected sex,so dont think that just because of drug use thats where it came from there are lots of strands and there treatable and can ly dormate for a very long time spend some time talking about it first then the two of you will be better at what you expect from each other….http://nccam.nih.gov/health/hepatitisc/index.htm#a try this one……dont give up on her ,or usethis as an excuse,it will hurt her alot……

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