Nightmares about ex fiance’ is very painful, how do you get them to stop?

Question by : Nightmares about ex fiance’ is very painful, how do you get them to stop?
I had lived with my ex finace’ and it was a very difficult time for me. He is a major multi -millionare and and is very use to getting his way. He supported me while we moved somewhere warm for the winter so I wouldnt have to work and it was his idea, I am a business woman and had a good job I didnt like at the time so I decided what the heck. When he got to our destination he expressed he expected me to be a housewife and he has never done a load of laundry in his life; had I known that we would have talked ahead of time and probably wouldnt have agreed. I did not realize this was going to be my role, not that there is anything wrong with being a housewife I just never have had experience and I was thrown into the fire; until I got to our destination and he was complaining that I was not cooking and cleaning enough for him. I really tried.

I had Hep “c” and he demanded I get it treated because it was making me lethargic and I couldn’t do enough; he basically was abusive about it. The good thing is I got it treated, but he left me in the beginning of the treatments because he thought that I did not do enough for the relationship and didn’t tell him how great he is all the time. He was abusive and never apologized for anything; gave me 30 rules to follow and told me unless I shaped up he was leaving. We were engaged and he would say, once this would happen or that; I would be a keeper. I guess I didn’t shape up and it was very stressful for me. I started to really dislike him and gave him back his very expensive ring.

The minute it ended he met someone else and basically couldn’t have cared less about me; this is after him telling me how much he loved me, went to counseling, blah, blah, blah the week earlier. He literally told me he was over it within no time and didn’t love me anymore and hadn’t for months; it was very cold. He has been insanely cold, however, I don’t think he is doing to hurt me which is worse because I really think he just doesn’t think about our ending an engagment, me and he is on to the next. This, however, was very embarrassing and hurtful for me to end an announced engagement and realize he couldn’t care less really; it feels like a met the master manipulator with no real soul. I am not a doctor, but I suspect he is a full blown narcissist.

I have these reoccuring nightmares where I interact with him and he just couldn’t care less; I wake up anxious, upset and really nervous. I do not know how to stop them and why I keep having them; we have been broken up for 6 months. We have had some interactions over money that have been very abusive and are ending really soon, for the last 5 months I report to him like he is the unemployment office while looking for a job. He just humilates me and I keep having dreams about it??? It is driving me crazy and want them to stop, it is like reliving it every time! How can you get dreams to stop; it is very painful and scarey every time!

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Answer by Samantha
Hire a hypnotist, I will do it.

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Nightmares about ex fiance’ is very painful, how do you get them to stop? — 6 Comments

  1. well i get rid of nightmares by dosing up on Ambien. double doses put me under in a dreamless sleep. Serequel also works extremely well.
    talk to your doc about them

  2. This is probably where you need to see a sleep doctor. When ever you have dreams like this it normally means that your having some sort of issues that when you conscious you don’t realize you have them. I’m not a dream expert so I have NO idea how to handle situations like this but I have heard that sleep doctors can help you out.

  3. easy- you quit having interactions with him. because you continue to have interactions with him you are continuing to keep him in your subconscious.

    you guys weren’t married so there’s no reason for you to be going to him for money anyway. you were independent before you met him, time to be that way again.

  4. You have control over your own dreams, just like you have control over your own life. If you don’t have either, then it is way past time to get both. So do so. Who cares if he is rich? Find your own damn money, and never see him again is the first step. Even if you have no money, I’d rather be homeless than mooching off of someone who I used to love, that manipulated the crap out of me like that. Not that I would ever stand for being manipulated like that. No amount of riches is worth having to put up with an ego that out of control and manipulative. Power corrupts, and he is obviously a lost cause. You need to do something called the recapitulation. It’s an ancient Toltec secret. Look it up online. Then do it. That will stop the dreams.

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