Is there any treatment of fatty liver ?

Question by Kashif Khan: Is there any treatment of fatty liver ?
Hello there ! Is there any treatment of fatty liver or surgery is the only treatment ? I heard from somewhere that fatty liver can only be removed through a surgery. Is this true ?
@Baa Baa i am a Muslim so i never took alcohol. However being from asian country fatty food specially beef is something i take too much in past. In all sort of meat i give special priority to beef. Since april-2013 i am not taking any fatty foods and initially i had hepatitis which vanishes within months but ALT enzyme in LFT(liver function test) is not coming in normal range no matter how much i avoid fatty food it lowers and they rises again.

@Ashley i do my cholesterol test according to doctor prescription a few days ago and its showing normal values.

1. I have alcohol free life history
2. Balance diet include beef, mutton, fish as well but some of them are abandoned on me i.e. beef and fish.
3. Exercise is something i don’t do but i really think i need to do this. I had hepatitis before and i am afraid that doing exercise may invite it back again as doctor prescribes on bed rest in hepatitis. Can it ?

However thanx all for your advice…..

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Answer by Christin K
Not true. Exercise and eating a proper diet can help a great deal. You need to see a doctor and a nutritionist to help you figure out why your liver is fatty and what to do about it.

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  1. exercise and diet. this includes proper hydration, and adequate sleep. i have a fatty liver. my grown son has the same condition. you can,t cure this condition; but you can reduce the symptoms thru healthy living.

  2. Surgery is certainly never used to help a fatty liver. The liver is just fatty and that is it. It doesn’t really cause any problems until it progresses to a more serious problem such as NASH and then cirrhosis of the liver. Some of them just stay being a fatty liver and never progress to being anything more than that. The way to possibly correct the problem or get it to not be fatty is eating a healthy low fat diet, losing weight if need be, and do not abuse alcohol. Other than that, there is really nothing much else to do, but it is a somewhat harmless condition until it gets worse than being a fatty liver. The only way they would use surgery was as a last resort such as the fatty liver would progress to being permanent liver damage called cirrhosis which occurs when scar tissue replaces healthy tissue due to many many years of the liver being inflamed called “hepatitis.” When the liver would reach almost total failure, that’s when the person would need a live saving liver transplant. I might add that a certain amount of fat in the liver is considered normal. Five percent fat is considered normal.

  3. Fatty liver is a disease which is caused when fat quantity in liver cells gets increased to high levels. It will cause another dangerous problem which is called cirrhosis. But there are very easy ways to recover from this disease just by changing your lifestyle and eating habits. Some tips which really help you to control this problem is given here
    1. Stop taking alcohol (main reason which causes this disease)
    2. Take a balanced diet
    3. Exercise daily prefer yoga
    By using the above tips you can naturally treat this problem. Thanks

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