I just found out that I have HEP C what can I do?

Question by linds: I just found out that I have HEP C what can I do?
Just found out that I have HEP C, what can I do, what should I exspect, what are treatments like ect…?

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Answer by k m
Hep c is incurable. I found a web site that can answer your questions better. I am sorry honey that you contracted it because it effects your liver.


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I just found out that I have HEP C what can I do? — 2 Comments

  1. My husband has hep c and he just started going through the treatments which will last 11 months. You will probably not have any symptoms that even tell you that you have the disease. My husband had it for about 40 years and just found out he had it about 8 years ago. He got it from getting a field transfusion while in Viet Nam. They don’t usually find it when they do routine blood work, it requires a special one. It affects your liver, keeps it from getting rid of the poisons in your body….etc. First of all, don’t drink alcohol, don’t do drugs. This really over loads the liver and now it’s just trying it’s best to do it’s normal job. Alcohol damages the liver anyhow. Be very careful not to let anyone come into contact with your blood, or use your personal hygine items. It is strictly a blood to blood disease. They say you can use bleach to clean up any blood drops that contain Hep C, but now our doctor has given us a flyer booklet that says there is no proof that bleach kills the virus. It can live outside the body for 4 – 5 days. It is incurable. Even though you get the treatment and your viral load goes down to 0, the disease becomes inactive. You will always have the virus, it will not leave your body. There are some doctors that will tell the patient that after 6 months to a year of having 0 viral load , that they are cured. This is not true. It can become active again from other illnesses or even from stress. A liver transplant will help you if your liver is badly diseased, but your viral load will eventully go up and the disease becomes active again. Take care of yourself. The treatments can help. Depending on what type you are, 1 – 6 will determine how long you have to undergo treatment. The treatment consists of a weekly injection of interferon, and taking 6 capsules of ribavirin a day. You may have severe skin break outs, thinning of the hair, fatigue, flu like symptoms, nausea, loss of appitite, weight loss, depression and the list goes on. But today the treatment has a 60 -90% chance of reducing the viral load to 0 and rendering the disease inactive. It used to only have 10 -30% chance of doing it. And the side effects are less intense. Used to be people on the treatment were so sick they couldn’t even go to work. Today, they have a much easier time of getting through it.

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