How do people get rid of hipotitus c?Is there a plant or something?

Hepatitis treatment and have high chance of cure. Treatment is a bit hard, but it’s tolerable and cure about 50% of those infected.

hipotitus-cThe drugs approved by health authorities for the treatment of hepatitis C are two: – INTERFERON and – ribavirin. They should be used together.

Interferon is a subcutaneous injection, super fine needle, to be applied 1 time a week. Ribavirin is a chart capsules and the indication is about 4 tablets per day. The dose varies from person to person, according to the weight and resistance to side effects that each presents.

The treatment protocol provides for a duration of 6 months of treatment for those infected with genotypes 2 and 3. For genotype 1, the duration is 1 year.

Although treatment has high cost if bought on account (approximately US $ 30000.00 for 12 months) almost all patients are treated free of charge, with remedies being provided by Hospitals.


Your doctor has the necessary forms for presentation at Hospital. He will fill in for you (request him to do this because the form is bureaucratic and hard) and you should take it to the delivery of drugs that put him indicate. The application shall be accompanied by a series of test results you made ​​(your doctor will instruct you). Hospital will review your request and release the drug over a period of approximately one month. This time may be extended, sometimes up to three months.

DELIVERY OF REMEDIES: Hospitals indicates a day you (probably make contact by phone) so that the drugs are withdrawn. Normally, you should go take a lot every 30 days. They do not deliver all remedies at once in order to prevent this cause parallel trade.

The drugs have side effects that vary from person to person. The stronger the INTERFERON that may have a number of effects . Below, a list of the effects that CAN happen. This does not mean, obviously, they WILL happen. Fear of side effects of the drug, especially INTERFERON is the great ghost who is to start treatment. Therefore we would like here to comment on the following: The effects are different in each person? Although this is what more can hear, in our opinion this response, is flawed. And it leaves the patient completely lost. What happens is that, as there was a reaction of variation between people and people, which the patient has to watch out for is AVERAGE incidences of each effect. So will see the chance he has to try each of the listed effects. When you see the list of effects that “may” occur, ie, that they have already occurred in a universe of thousands and thousands of people, note the percentage of incidence . Example: 1. Symptoms of the flu, such as chills, fever, headache, cough, etc. – tasted by 70-80% of patients. 2 Hearing loss – tasted for 0.0002% of patients who have already taken. In other words, you have a much better chance of having the symptom 1 than 2. Your chances of having the two are like winning the Megasena … It’s a matter of statistics. . And that’s what the law of averages

Note: If you read any bull that is, there are several possible effects. Even a simple aspirin, someone, somewhere, at some time, had any effect by consumption.

There are two kinds of transplants – one where only part of the liver is removed and will receive part of the liver from a donor , which will add to the recipient of the organ, composing with that. In the second mode, it is performed at full organ removal and replacement with donated organ. This is the most commonly performed today.

As incredible as it may seem, liver transplantation is not “another world”.The vast majority of people who undergo this procedure survive the surgery and continue living normally in a 5-year study period. But, of course, survival goes far, far beyond that time to study. The percentage of success in surgery is around 80%. The reports of transplant patients are very favorable.


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  1. There is no cure for it…please educate yourself about it. And, yes, you will meet a lot of people who have some type of vitamin or suppliment for the “cure”. It’s all “hype” and no cure. I’m sending you a webpage address with the most up to date information on Hep C. I know more than a few people with it. My brother-in-law got a liver transplant about 3 yrs ago. It’s a very serious condition. Please educate yourself on the virus and go to a doctor for treatment. Good luck & God Bless.

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