How common is it to contract hepatitis c from sharing straws (or other devices) to snort drugs such as cocaine?

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Question by Gloop6568: How common is it to contract hepatitis c from sharing straws (or other devices) to snort drugs such as cocaine?
How common is it to contract hepatitis c from sharing devices to snort drugs such as bills or straws?

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I have been wondering the same thing, lol…

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How common is it to contract hepatitis c from sharing straws (or other devices) to snort drugs such as cocaine? — 4 Comments

  1. i have thought about that too. cuz ur nose does bleed if u do a lot. i always look at the straw/bill/whatever before i use it if im sharing it, but one time i got my blood on it…but then u figure its exposed to air so i think hiv dies superfast that way. oh btw i stopped doing coke!!! yay!

  2. Not all that common, but a definite “at risk” behavior. First there has to be an HCV infection in the one who passes you the straw, bill, etc. Then they have to have either a burned nasal passage to allow blood products to get on bill, or a sinus infection that is fairly severe. The final step is that you must also have an open sore in your nasal passages.
    The CDC claims documented cases are on file. The question really isn’t how common it is, the real question is can you get HCV this way, and the answer is yes. It is senseless to put yourself at risk when it is easily avoided. Buy a pop at Micky D’s and cut the straw into several lengths and keep them in your wallet, purse, etc. If you can’t resist the temptation you’ll at least have a clean uninfected straw. If someone grabs it to use, don’t pick it back up just get out a new one for your own use.
    The problem you face is that many people have HCV without being aware of it. You can get a stainless steel brake line at about any auto parts shop, it’s usually about 2 – 3 feet long so cut yourself off some pieces, and don’t let anyone use them but you. It will set you back a whopping $ 5.00, claim it’s silver, or a special gift, whatever. Just don’t share it.
    Don’t use bills anytime. HIV dies with exposure to air, HCV is a different little beastie. It can last days in the open without moisture and still infect you, the odds may be long in picking it up off a bill, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
    People seem to be getting complacent about HCV (Hep C), it doesn’t kill quick so it’s impact on one’s life is overlooked. It’s true that there are better treatments than ever before, but as I and many like me can tell you, there are still non-responders to the treatments. If you want to see the end result visit someone waiting for a transplant, or worse yet, someone who is in end stage liver disease and is too weak to qualify for a transplant. It’s a long, drawn out, painful, flat out ugly way to die.

  3. It is more common than one thinks….the percentage varies with other factors, but the common percentage is about 3.9 percent in medical studies. Since there is over 5 million infected in the United States, we can conclude that the percentage of infection via NIDU(non-injection drug users) is at least triple- or about 12%. If you break it down per state and city, this can actually increase the percentage rate in some groups.

    Greg is right about money. That is one nasty way to get a high. Not only can one dollar bill hold hundreds of thousands of bacteria like e.coli, but it can hold many viral infections too. The real problem comes when you inhale cocaine through the rolled bill. Since HCV can still transmit for 4 days dried, you’d be surprised to find that one single dollar bill can hold thousands of dried blood flakes- unseen to the naked eye. Not only do you increase the chance of HCV infection by using a rolled bill, you increase the risk of acquiring more than one strain of HCV! What about e.coli? Staph?

    Advice? HCV is just as life altering as drugs are- it sucks. Kick the habit. It’s not worth the risk. I’d say don’t share straws or bills or whatever, but it’s probably too late for many for that advice. The best advice is QUIT and GET TESTED.

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