hepatitis b or c. do both or just one of them cause liver damage?

Question by betty s/nikoly: hepatitis b or c. do both or just one of them cause liver damage?
gran-daughter has hep b with liver damage,but wanna know for sure.& is it curable? know it sounds like i’m naive which i feel like i am. anyway appreciate info.

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I’m sorry to hear that.


” Hepatitis B virus infection may either be acute (self-limiting) or chronic (long-standing). Persons with self-limiting infection clear the infection spontaneously within weeks to months.

Children are less likely than adults to clear the infection. More than 95% of people who become infected as adults or older children will stage a full recovery and develop protective immunity to the virus. However, this drops to 30% for younger children, and only 5% of newborns that acquire the infection from their mother at birth will clear the infection[39]. This population has a 40% lifetime risk of death from cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma.[35] Of those infected between the age of one to six, 70% will clear the infection.[40]

Hepatitis D (HDV) can only occur with a concomitant hepatitis B infection, because HDV uses the HBV surface antigen to form a capsid.[41] Co-infection with hepatitis D increases the risk of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.[42] Polyarteritis nodosa is more common in people with hepatitis B infection.” quote

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  1. Both cause liver damage in at least some people. Hepatitis B is usually curable, so make sure she goes to the doctor. The cure has some pretty nasty side effects.

    The liver damage may or may not fix itself after she is cured, depending on how far gone she is.

    There is a vaccine for hepatitis B, so make certain all of her sexual partners and everyone who lives with her gets vaccinated.

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