got hep c stage 3, count in millions, 35 yrs old, ANY ANSWERS?

Question by helpmeifok: got hep c stage 3, count in millions, 35 yrs old, ANY ANSWERS?

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im sorry to hear are on meds for it see doctor regulary

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got hep c stage 3, count in millions, 35 yrs old, ANY ANSWERS? — 4 Comments

  1. Are you on meds? If you are and your counts are still rising, unfortuanetly your looking at a liver transplant down the line. If you haven’t started meds, get yourself to see either a GI specialist, or an infectious disease specialist. Stage III is fairly advanced-so meds may not help. You probably need to start the whole transplant work-up. There are new meds to treat you. There are even cases of a person’s body “curing” itself (about 1% of cases). Best of luck and avoid any other substances that could potentially damage your liver further(certain meds, drugs, and alcohol).

  2. pegatron/interfuron, (ask your doctor), stage 3 is treatable, even stage 4, what geno type?, geno type 1 is the hardest to cure, geno type 2, 3, 4 etc.. is a breeze!, liver transplant isn’t until cirrosis stage which is stage 4 +

  3. you need to see a gastrointerologist to find out your genotype so they know which treatment to put you on and for how long.

    1 a’s and b’s are harder to treat but some do have a sustained viral response.

    If you’ve had a biopsy, then you should know your genotype.
    From here on out, cut out alcohol, try to drink more water, less sodium, no iron.

    Add Milk Thistle…this is not a cure, but will help lesson the burden on the liver by aiding in filteration of blood.

    Stay away from Herbal remedies, not only are they potentially dangerous, they literally go down the toilet…if someone claims they were “cured” using this protocol, chances are they were part of the 15% of the HCV population who’se bodies were able to fight it off. Don’t go by their standards either….their ALT and AST’s might be lowered, but it is not changing the viruses capabilities to do it’s damage.

    Liver flushes claim to rid the liver of liver stones, but they are technically called bilary tract stones that form in the billary tract- NOT the liver. These can also be dangerous to those with HCV since many bi-directional diseases are borne aside of having the HCV.

    I am still awaiting to hear news on two Herbal studies being done- one in New York, the other California, but as of to date, what they have found is no cure for HCV.

    Eating a well balanced diet with the above restrictions will help. From here on out, it’s all about lifestyle…the healthier, the better.

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