Doctor told me hep C levels were HIgh!?

Question by Angel H: Doctor told me hep C levels were HIgh!?
My GYN doctor called me today with my results from my STD blood test screening and said everything came back normal except the Hepatitis C levels were high and they wanted to order more blood work. I am having a really hard time understanding what my doctor’s nurse told me today. She got off the phone way to fast for me to ask questions and it was a back and forth conversation of about 5 phone calls.
Anyways she is sending me for more blood work in the morning for further testing, which I am not sure what exactly they are doing besides the Hep C test. I really wish I knew exactly the blood test name for diagnosing Hep C as well but she also told me they made a mistake and ordered the wrong test the first time so that may have been why she is ordering new test. I was scared to death to hear this. I mean does this mean I have Hepatitis C or what does it mean!?
Here is the other thing, I live with my boyfriend and his dad, his dad has Hep C, he has been to the doctor recently and they told him his Hep C is currently inactive. And his ex-wife, my boyfriends mother was tested a long time ago for Hep C, she came back negative so they didn’t think to test my boyfriend since his mom didn’t get it, so since he is inactive is it not contagious? Now I am worried since I could have it, maybe my boyfriend has it too and could the mother just be an immune person to Hep C and still not have it but my boyfriend or me could? Just talking to my boyfriend about this brings up a huge fight because he thinks I am blaming his dad, (if I do have this) for me getting infected with it and he says I could have gotten it anywhere, which is right but I have no idea how I could have gotten it besides his dad at the moment. I’ve never had any blood transfusions or any other sexual partners.
Anyones input if they know anything is greatly appreciate.

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Answer by Sophist
I would try not to worry yet if I were you (not easy I know). Sometimes these tests have false positives and that may be why they are retesting your results. I would wait for the final results or if you get another hurried call, let them know you want to talk to the doctor directly for the best information.

As for the stuff about the family, well Hep C is not really “contagious”. It is a blood borne illness that requires you to pretty much have direct blood contact, either needles or something similar like blood transfusions. Intercouse is not a very common transmission route. It is unlikely you got it from his father unless you were doing drugs with him or sharing needles.

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  1. The hepatitis C virus is spread only by blood to blood contact.

    People have become infected with hepatitis C virus by:

    * Sharing equipment for injecting street drugs

    * Receiving blood, blood products, or solid organs from a donor whose blood contained hepatitis C virus

    * Being on long-term kidney dialysis, during which they unknowingly shared supplies or equipment that had someone else’s blood on them

    * Having frequent occupational contact with blood in a health-care setting, especially accidental needlesticks

    * Being born to a mother with hepatitis C (rare)

    * Having sex with a person infected with hepatitis C virus where blood is involved (rare)

    * Living with someone who was infected with hepatitis C virus and sharing items such as razors or toothbrushes that might have had that person’s blood on them

    * Piercings, tattoos

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