Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, diabetes or leukemia?

Question by Sarah: Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, diabetes or leukemia?
This morning I received a call from my mother regarding my step-father of almost 20 years. He has had now, for 2-3 years, a circular (looks similar to ringworm) spot on his knee, that started about the size of a nickel and in that time is about the size of a half dollar. It doesn’t bother him. Then recently (past month at most, and primarily since the hotter weather started), he’s developed additional (mostly ring like) places under his arms, on his back, in his groin area and on his feet, which are somewhat itchy.

He went to the doctor on Friday, believing that he would receive a cream and go home. However, whatever it is that the physician saw or tested at that time (suspect he had a urine test, and possibly a blood test, but don’t know) led him to say essentially this, “I don’t want to upset you, but I’m sending you to get full bloodwork done and I anticipate finding one of the following, Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, diabetes or leukemia.” He also gave the name of the rash, and all my stepfather (not very good with asking questions) could remember is that there was something in it that he believed started with a “C”, and that whatever it is, it’s rare enough that the physician said that most doctors wouldn’t see this more than a couple of times in their lifetime, and that it was related to white bloodcells coming to the surface of his skin?

I’m not looking for a diagnosis, of course, and if I were I know this would not be the place to go. However, I’ve run short in my searches online, even for what this rash might be that would lead the physician to say what he has with such certainty. Any ideas for what he sees that led to this “prediagnosis” so that I can continue my search online would be greatly appreciated. (note: What my stepfather said about part of it starting with a “C” could be off.) He’ll get the results from the bloodwork that will be completed Wednesday, on the 1st of July…but that seems a long ways off and this will keep me occupied. =/

Many thanks.

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Answer by northstar_eve2000
You might not like my answer but I think your best bet would be to wait after the results are in. That way you will save yourself needless worry on what could be and maybe isn’t. In the meantime take it one day at a time and spend some quality time with him. There is no need to upset yourself or others in your family with the what if’s. After you get the diagnosis then you can start searching for treatments etc. The internet can be a wonderful thing and can be of tremendous help but it isn’t right to try and diagnose yourself or anyone, it could cause more damage in the long run then not. Good luck to you and your step father. I hope everything turns out for the best. Sometimes when things are caught early the chance for a cure is better.

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  1. Try searching for “cutaneous T-cell lymphoma”.

    I searched for “lymphocytes epidermis” to get the above suggestion. Leukocytes = white cells; epidermis = outer layer of the skin.

    Of course, we can’t diagnose your dad, but knowing the medical terms may help ease your anxiety.

    I will be thinking of you and your stepfather. Good luck!

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