Can I get a tattoo while breast feeding? ?

Painting the House, May-July, 2009. Upstairs Hall

Image by bill barber
Several months ago, we decided that the house needed a bit of freshening up. The cladding is at least fifty years old, and had never been refinished. It was getting pretty dingy. In addition, it was a white colour, and did not set off the original wood trim. We chose a beige off-white that both wouldn’t show the dirt, and would make the trim "pop" a bit. The trim also received a fresh white and green boost.

Then we looked at the interior. The uostairs and downstairs halls hadn’t been redone in twenty years. Although the kitchen, family room, den and living room were done about four years ago, there was some cracking in the walls and ceilings that came about when we installed air conditioning, thereby changing the temperature equilibrium of the house.

At present, the painters are stripping the upstairs and downstairs halls, and are removing layers of paper that go back to the beginnings of the house in 1859.

The painters suggested that I document the stripping to add to the record of the house. Here’s the result.

All-in-all it’s been a busy year, what with a pregnancy, Hepatitis C, etc., but…what the hell! Right?

The next step is to skim-coat the driveway. I was going to have it replaced, since i’ts rather old, but again…what the hell! Right?

Next year, I might tackle the gardens. I place emphasis on the word "might".

Question by Kathy: Can I get a tattoo while breast feeding? ?
Im currently breast feeding my 5 month old baby will getting a tattoo harm her in any way??

Best answer:

Answer by DoingResearch
You run the risk of infection. Just wait.

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  1. I wouldn’t. If you get an infection it will spread and get into the breast milk and into the baby’s system. Then you will have to stop breast feeding go on a antibiotic and all that and then you might have a sick baby so it is not worth it.

    You should wait until you are done breast feeding for tattoos and piercings.

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