answer this now please!?

Question by Somebody: answer this now please!?
is HBsAG postive, HBsAB negative, HBcAB negative, and HBc IgM negative… an INactive carrier of hepatitis b?

it’s hepatitis b test, i just wanna know if the person is active or an inactive carrier? all the liver jobs were NORMAL!

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  1. It’s a very unusual test result: the HBsAg is positive, while the HBcAb is negative, including the HBcAb IgM.

    You need to discuss this with the doctor who ordered the test, because I suspect there has been an error at the lab or on the report.

    HBsAg indicates the person is either recently infected or a hepatitis B carrier, but you can’t tell from these results how active the infection is.

    Hep B carriers and people recently infected with hep B almost always have HBcAb as well – there’s something odd about this result. Are you sure the negative HBcAb wasn’t a negative HBeAb?

    “c” and “e” can look very similar, but HBeAb is different to HBcAb.

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