Is there any treatment of fatty liver ?

Question by Kashif Khan: Is there any treatment of fatty liver ?
Hello there ! Is there any treatment of fatty liver or surgery is the only treatment ? I heard from somewhere that fatty liver can only be removed through a surgery. Is this true ?
@Baa Baa i am a Muslim so i never took alcohol. However being from asian country fatty food specially beef is something i take too much in past. In all sort of meat i give special priority to beef. Since april-2013 i am not taking any fatty foods and initially i had hepatitis which vanishes within months but ALT enzyme in LFT(liver function test) is not coming in normal range no matter how much i avoid fatty food it lowers and they rises again.

@Ashley i do my cholesterol test according to doctor prescription a few days ago and its showing normal values.

1. I have alcohol free life history
2. Balance diet include beef, mutton, fish as well but some of them are abandoned on me i.e. beef and fish.
3. Exercise is something i don’t do but i really think i need to do this. I had hepatitis before and i am afraid that doing exercise may invite it back again as doctor prescribes on bed rest in hepatitis. Can it ?

However thanx all for your advice…..

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Answer by Christin K
Not true. Exercise and eating a proper diet can help a great deal. You need to see a doctor and a nutritionist to help you figure out why your liver is fatty and what to do about it.

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Red Cross blood donation tested positive for Hep-B. Should I see my doctor?

Question by Diane B: Red Cross blood donation tested positive for Hep-B. Should I see my doctor?
Nucleic acid test is negitive. It could be a false positive.

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Answer by My Brothers Keeper
Yes, you should consult a physician as soon as possible so that he/she can determine if you are in fact infected with Hepatitis B by way of clinical and medical diagnosis. If you are in fact infected he/she will need to determine what the course of treatment should be and the prognosis. Hepatitis in short is an inflammation of the liver caused by blood to blood contact or contact with bloody fluids such as bloody semen, vaginal fluids, frank blood itself, or bloody sputum that is infected with the Hepatitis virus. There maybe be little to no symptoms of Hepatitis in its early stages. There are five main types of hepatitis that are caused by a virus, A, B, C, D, and E – plus types X and G. It would be a great idea to also be tested for other STD’s/ STI’s as well.

However, please consult your physician ASAP! Hepatitis can become a very serious illness.

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100% disabled from a viral condition (hepititis C) that could of come from my military service ’71 to ’72?

Question by greggdavila: 100% disabled from a viral condition (hepititis C) that could of come from my military service ’71 to ’72?
Did two chemo tx at the long beach vet. hosp. and they both failed. Did the first in ’96 that worked for awhile and the 2nd in ’06 that had severely debilitating results. Now I can’t work, can’t drive and live in constant intense pain. I have no medical insurance and cannot get any help from the V.A.

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Answer by Bird
Can you just file for regular disability? If you were in the military you should qualify for CHAMPVA or CHAMPUS anyway, you need to go to your local Department of human resources office and file for this.

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Q&A: Serious question: Is oral sex safe? or are there diseases at risk (besides STDs) like hepatitis, etc.?

Question by Jimbo: Serious question: Is oral sex safe? or are there diseases at risk (besides STDs) like hepatitis, etc.?
I performed “it” for my new girlfriend last night… and also (more importantly!): I ventured on “south” to her behind (um, her butt), anyway…

umm: is that safe?? (regarding diseases: like hepatitis, etc, etc?)

Help :(

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Answer by BJC
Abstinence is safe.

Everything else carries with it some risks.

As far as oral sex on a penis/vagina/anus, there are a few things that can be transmitted sshould your partner already be infected.

Pretty much all STIs can be transmitted to the person performing oral sex. Some are more likely to transmit than others. HIV is a possibility, but is not as easy to get orally as gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, herpes, etc.

Hep B can be found in vaginal fluids if the person is infected with Hep B, Hep A can be found in the anus and if the person is infected than there is a good chance transmission will occur.

Hep C is not likely transmitted by sexual intercourse.

I would recommend (at minimum) yearly tests for STIs, and if you have multiple partners, I would suggest more frequent testing, perhaps every 6 months. Most of the STIs have NO SYMPTOMS and the only way to know if you have them is to get tested.

Be sure they swab your throat looking for gonorrhea.

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Hey- Recent hep C diagnosis; biopsy soon–?

Question by airwaving: Hey- Recent hep C diagnosis; biopsy soon–?
Anticipating Dr’s treatment suggestions- any advice on interferon, etc? Thanks, folks~

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Answer by formerly_bob
It’s too soon to make any decisions on treatment – the biopsy will help you decide. You might want to delay treatment if the liver is normal or has only minor problems. If treatment is warranted, it can be a tough decision since the side effects of interferon can be worse than many cases of Hep C. Unless the liver biopsy shows some serious problems, its OK to monitor things for a while and see if you actually need any treatment. Usually liver damage from hep C progresses slowly, so monitoring the situation is not a risky course of action when there is only minor damage to the liver (and you are not increasing the risk by drinking alcohol or regularly using medications like Tylenol, Alleve or ibuprofen).

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Hepatitis and spa tools.?

Question by Laura W: Hepatitis and spa tools.?
I’ve had LCN nails since November, and I recently found out you can catch hepatitis from contaminated spa tools. The lady who does my nails has her own personal salon that she has set up in her basement. It’s not like she does them on the coffee table or something, she actually has all the tools and one time after i had my nails done, i watched her spray down her tools with some kind of spray. she also lays out a towel on the special table, and then a papertowel over it. Oh and she gets you to use hand sanitizer before she does your nails.

do you think I’m at risk?

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Answer by cindy1323
Yes, especially if the tools have been used on other people. Spraying them down with a germicide is not enough to kill the hepatitis c virus (HCV). The solution to this is to buy your own tools and bring them with you. It’s not worth the risk.

I was diagnosed with hep c in 2000 and went through treatment. It was not fun. I cleared the virus on treatment, but I don’t want to put myself at risk for reinfection, so I don’t get my nails done at a salon anymore unless I have my own tools.
Hope this helps.

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Q&A: Im getting tired of this! please help?

by Rob!

Question by Andrea: Im getting tired of this! please help?
Hi everyone ,i hope everyone is doing well . First of all i have to be specific of what i been thru this couple of everyone can have an idea .
On april 1 i was admitted to the hospital because i was diagnosed with HEPATITIS “A”..they discharge me ,told me that it was acute and so on..they told me to be on a regular diet..that i could eat everything ,so i did.
After a month of the hepatitis i started having pain on the right side ,the upper right side..,every time i hate i felted bloated ,i burp a lot,then the pain started to be more sharp,so sharp that i went the whole summer (not a lie) to the ER ..they did ct scans.,blood tests and nothing,but still the pains were coming. On August i decided to go to a gastro ,he did stools tests on me,nothing was found,he gave me ALIGN….but one day the pain was so sharp that i was crying..
on september i started having palpitations on my right lower side..this palpitations lasted for about 10 minutes.. then it went back again to the same pain that i always have..the one on my right side…and for the last week of sep my pain was not only on the right side but on the left too..
On the 29th of the same month was admitted to the hospital again,i had appendicitis.. they did surgery ,everything went well ,i was happy becuae it seems like my stomach problems stopped..BUT NO!
Just these two past weeks i been having abdominal whole abdomen hurts..some nights my right side hurts a lot.and then it goes to the left and then to the lower side..i have nauseas that last for about an hour..i drink hot tea..and it goes away ..i burp for a while and then its like nothing happen.. in the mornings when im just waking up i have this horrible pain on the lower side.. it feels like muscular pain ,but i know and i feel that its internal..
Im also concerned because of two other things .. after the surgery they gave me meds for the pain and possible infection,i took them,but i started to have burning sensation while urinating..also (sorry if im going to be specific) but o had like milk curds..a lot of itching ,so i went and buy meds for the yeast infection and stopped,but after that i started to have pressure while i urinate.. it feels like my bladder its going to explode. Also ,i have sometime pain on the lower right side ,like its not horiible pain but idont think its normal,some days i think it might be because of the surgery,but it has passed almost a month since that..
I have read about evry single stomach infection,disease..but i dont want to spend my 22 years old looking for what i might have next.. or if i might go to the er again.. since april i lost my job..because the stomach pains..and i was started to looked for another job..but i cant becausr this nauseas and pain dont let me have a normal life..’i want to go back to college ,i want to do a lot of things..but its impossible,im depressed..loosing sad..because its seems this is not going to stop…

If you have this symptoms.. or some of them..please help..or if you can give me an advice i will be thankful..


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Answer by Jesmer
you may have gastritis or ulcer. if you have hepa A it may be occuring again. increase your sugar intake coz only when you have extra sugar in your blood the liver will heal by itself. remember to exercise to prevent diabetes while your in this diet

hope this helps

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what are sympoms of hypotitis C in the liver?

Question by elijah: what are sympoms of hypotitis C in the liver?
can you go 20 years without knowing it? Please only professionals answer this question

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Answer by Lynn A
Hepatitis C may not show signs until it’s more advanced.

Symptoms that may be related to chronic hep C include (but are not limited to):

Flu-like symptoms: fever, chills, muscle aches, joint pain, and headaches
Nausea, aversion to certain foods, unexplained weight loss
Psychological disorders, including depression
Tenderness in the abdomen
These and other symptoms may be related to your condition. Many of them may also occur as the side effects of treatment. Talk to your doctor or nurse about how you are feeling and what it may mean for your future health.

You would want to get your liver tested to rule out other problems as well.

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how long can a person survive with liver damage. who also has hepatitus c?

Question by Roz: how long can a person survive with liver damage. who also has hepatitus c?
was admitted to the hospital after throwing up large amounts of blood

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Answer by jeligula
Just a matter of time, I’m afraid. But that goes for us all, doesn’t it?

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